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Golf & Networking: How Golf Can Help your Career

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Golf & Networking: How Golf Can Help Your Career

Golfing is more than going to a lush green field and swinging your golf sticks. It’s a social activity where you get a chance to meet new people, enjoy relaxed conversations and build a network that can empower you to grow professionally.

No wonder many corporate businesses have golf days on their social calendars!

That said, if the boss has invited you to the green and you don’t know how to play golf, it’s not too late to enrol in our golf courses in Sydney and maximise your chances of establishing rapport and creating lasting connections.

Still need a little convincing? Well, stick around as we explain the primary reasons for playing golf and the networking effect it can have on your career or business.

The Power of Golf in Your Career

Build and Strengthen Professional Relationships

If you only rely on people you meet at your place of work or business, you are definitely missing out a lot. While you kick your feet up, your competitors have likely seen the networking effect of golf courses in Sydney and are getting cosy on the course with a new job promotion in sight.

A golf club unlocks more opportunities to meet new, refined people outside your workplace. These people can turn out to be your customers, colleagues or even your partners.

As you play golf together, you get to learn new ideas, share stories on the ups and downs of your career journey, or even get new opportunities. This, in return, helps you build new relationships, and continuous meet-ups help strengthen the existing relationships.

Seal as Many Business Deals As Possible

Is your business struggling to make enough sales to generate the required profit? Well, if that’s the case, it’s time to make a quick search for golf lessons near me and thank us later. According to a survey to assess golf-facilitated partnerships, 24% of respondents claimed to have made a sale or sealed a deal from a golf course. It doesn’t stop there; 22% got a better deal from a vendor.

Organised corporate golf outings are a great example of how you can achieve such sales in only a short timeframe. When you invite clients or potential customers to these events, you create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to relationship-building and partnership.

You Don’t Have to be a Pro

Let’s be honest: many of us shy away from joining a Golf Club Sydney because we assume you have to be a pro. Well, this is not the case. Many of the golfers you see in those fields are not Rory Mcllroy. They are just people who are there to enjoy the game, learn a few moves, and expand their professional networks. That said, you can join a golf club at any time of the day and milk all the benefits it comes with.

However, if you wish to broaden your golf skills and stand out from the crowd, make a quick search for golf lessons near me. Who knows, your dream partner may request to play a game with you. When that happens, you want to make sure you show them how good you are as it reflects back to your character as a business professional.

Gives You Enough Time to Market Your Skills

Have you ever tried to tell a high-rank individual about your profession in 30 seconds? If you have, you can attest that it’s very challenging, and you may leave out some critical information. Most high-ranking individuals, including CEOs, are always busy, and getting them to listen to what you offer can seem like the next impossible mission. Golf courses near me are the right place where you can meet them and have chit-chat without having to worry about time.

The leisurely pace of a round of golf allows more extended conversations. This, in turn, provides ample opportunities for you and your opponent to discuss business matters in a relaxed and focused setting.

Have you seen what you have been missing? Lucky for you, it’s not too late for you to join the thousands of individuals who have made the best deals on golf courses or attained a good job from there. All you have to do is make a quick search of golf courses in Sydney and milk off the benefits.

Ready to grow your network while getting your daily dose of vitamin D? Consider becoming a member at Liverpool Golf Club – simply fill out our online form, complete the joining formalities and get approved to build & groom your golfing skills in the middle of Western Sydney! For more details, contact us today!

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