Dress Code

We welcome visitors and guests to our club. Please note however that a Dress Code applies to all players and we ask that this be observed at all times. The club reserves the right to refuse service to any person who fails to comply with the following conditions:



Appropriate: Any golf specific attire. Collared Shirt, Trousers and shorts must be neat, clean and tidy with a buttoned or zippered fly. Short socks must be predominantly white, neat and clean.

Inappropriate: Camouflaged or army style pants, cord elastic top pants and stubbies.  Shorts worn at three quarter length or too short. Shirts with excessive advertising. – a pocket sized logo is acceptable. Coloured socks. Golf shoes must have soft spikes.


Appropriate: Any golf specific attire is acceptable. Tailored, Bermuda or walk shorts. Tailored pants, culottes, skirts and appropriate tops. Appropriate length golf tops can be worn out (untucked).

Inappropriate: Skirts or shorts that are less than mid thigh in length. Bare midriffs, halter necks or tracksuits, tight fitting stretch or full elastic pants or shorts.



Appropriate: Course attire except that closed shoes or strapped back sandals and shirts without collars are permitted. Casual shoes such as boat shoes and the like may be worn without socks.

Inappropriate: Inappropriate course attire. Thongs, open back footwear or scuffs. Hats or visors must NOT be worn in the clubhouse.


Appropriate: Course attire.

Inappropriate: Inappropriate course attire. Thongs or scuffs. Hats or visors must NOT be worn in the clubhouse.

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