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Liverpool Golf Club offers a golf membership structure with categories, rights & access privileges detailed below.

Membership at Liverpool is open in the following categories (Subs 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021):

CategoryJoining FeeAnnual SubCompetition Fee
Full Member – Ordinary$150$1,411$22$18$14
Full Member – Intermediate Male D (39 Yrs)$150$1,411$17$16$14
Full Member – Intermediate Male C (38 Yrs)$150$1,411$15$13$10
Full Member – Intermediate Male B (37 Yrs)$150$1,411$5$6$5
Full Member – Intermediate Male A (26-36 Yrs)$150$1,411$0$0$0
Intermediate Male Jnr (19-25)$150$706$0$0$0
Five Day Member (Monday to Friday)$150$1,000n/an/a$14
Associate C Member (Sunday to Wednesday)$150$825n/a$18$14
“Free Play” Levy (Thursday & Friday) – Additional to aboven/a$370n/an/an/a
Intermediate Female D (39 Yrs) (Sun to Wed)$150$578n/a$15$12
Intermediate Female C (38 Yrs) (Sun to Wed)$150$578n/a$13$10
Intermediate Female B (37 Yrs) (Sun to Wed)$150$578n/a$6$5
Intermediate Female A (26-36 Yrs) (Sun to Wed)$150$578n/a$0$0
Intermediate Female Jnr (19-25 Yrs) (Sun to Wed)$150$460n/a$0$0
“Free Play” Levy (Thursday & Friday) – Additional to aboven/a$370n/an/an/a
Junior A Male (15–18 Yrs)n/a$209$10$10$10
Junior A Girls (15-18 Yrs)n/a$209n/a$10$10
Cadet Membern/a$161$10$10$10
Academy Cadetn/a$23n/an/an/a
CorporateSee Corporate Membership
PGA Trainee$150$471$22$18$14
Social Membern/a$10.50n/an/an/a
Social Golf Affiliaten/a$6.50n/an/an/a

Membership Entitlements

Full Membership (7 days)Full playing privileges with free access to the course and facilities seven days per week. Able to play in all competitions at the applicable rates. Voting rights at AGM and can stand for Board of Directors. Can nominate new members to the club.
Five Day Membership (Mon-Fri)Free access to the course and facilities five days per week (Monday to Friday). Eligible to play in mid-week competitions (Monday and Thursdays) at the applicable member rates or on week-ends at Visitor rates. Can nominate new members in the Five Day category.
Associate C Member (Sun-Wed)Free access to the course and facilities Sunday to Wednesday. Can play in competitions on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday (Lady competition) at the applicable rates.

These members can practice on Thursday and Friday at a charge of $10 per day.  Alternatively, can pay a “Free Play” Levy of $370 per annum which allows members to practice on Thursday and Friday at no daily charge.

Intermediate Male (7 Days)As for Full Membership
Intermediate Female (Sun-Wed)As per Associate C Member (Sun-Wed)
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